Episode 29 ft. Jett I Masstyr - WhoSaidiWahLeftOffBadNBujee

June 28, 2017

Coreigh and Elliot sit with Jett I Masstyr and discuss his humble beginings and his early influences. He shares information on other producers he has worked with such as Donnie Houston, Cris Rockaway, Tony Dary and many more. Jett I also sits in with us as we talk about Kodack Black, Everyday Struggle at the BET awards and their situation with Migos, Migos getting into a fight with Chris Brown over Karrueche, Hoeology, All Eyez On Me, Jay-Z's 4:44, to be in a frat or a male Cheerleader (Coreigh's topic 🤣), Why you should listen to Jaden Smith and of coure Elliot has to discuss June 27th. Its a great episode with a good robust conversation, so set up your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speaker and play this one until the end.

Special Guest:
Jett I Masstyr @jettimasstyr

Music Production:
Tony Dark - @tonydarkmusic

Sneek Track:
Jack Freeman - 50 First Dates

Exec Producers:
@CoreighTerry @ElliotGuidry

Sound Engineer:

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